Christian Couple Faces $135,000 Fine

Help persecuted Christian couple in Oregon fined for refusing to serve lesbians

Samaritan’s Purse is raising funds to help the Kleins pay their fine and meet other expenses. “They have taken a stand for the Word of God, and they should not have to stand alone,” Samaritan’s Purse President Franklin Graham said. “I believe that Christians across our nation will rally around Aaron and Melissa and their five children.

Source: Christian Couple Faces $135,000 Fine

State Says Bakers Should Pay $135,000 for Refusing to Bake Cake for Same-Sex Wedding

UPDATE: GoFundMe has joined the left and removed their fundraiser set up for the Kleins.(see reason below).  Franklin Graham has stepped up and you can now donate to the Klein’s at the bottom of the page here:


Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, are being fined $135,000 for refusing to make a cake for a same-sex wedding.

Source: State Says Bakers Should Pay $135,000 for Refusing to Bake Cake for Same-Sex Wedding

It’s surreal that something like this can happen in America… the land of the FREE. We are living in a new America where we are no longer able to live out our faith according to our conscience.

I don’t recognize my country anymore.

The Indiana supermajority and the kitty kitties.

When I watched this video, I immediately thought of what just happened in Indiana, with the supermajority cave on religious freedom.

Just imagine for a minute what it would have looked like if our lawmakers would’ve had the courage to face the radical left against all attacks… against all odds.  Imagine them staring fear in the face. Imagine them standing for right no matter the cost. Do you think the left-wing media would dare attack this courage? They’d certainly try, but in the end would be purring like the kitties in this video!

Imagine what backbone and courage looks like when watching this.  Where are these leaders?

May we be as bold as a lion to face the attacks coming our way! May we not so much as flinch when the enemy breathes down our neck.

May we grow courage.

Indiana Lawmakers, lets have a Locker Room chat about Religious Freedom.

221_2978950Let’s talk football.

I want to introduce you to two teams. We’ll call them the Freedom Express (the Right) and the Progressive Pinchers (the Left).

These two teams play on the field placed in an incredible building called the Indiana Statehouse. Its pristine floors and sparkling chandeliers make the fans stand in a hushed awe.

For most Hoosiers, the game played this legislative session was for all the marbles. It was for the very foundational principles that Hoosiers stand for.

I can’t unsee it. It’s burned in my brain.

persecutionI’ve spent the last 13 years of my life studying the political landscape on a national, state and local level. I’ve learned how to influence policy. I’ve learned how to bargain, debate and change the direction of a liberal twist to a bill. I’ve learned the fine art of killing bills, passing bills and even removing a politician from office if it is needed.

I’ve seen first hand how Christians can have influence in the public arena. Just last month, when a Christian business was threatened because they stood for biblical principles, Americans stood together and said  Oh NO you don’t! They raised nearly a million dollars in a day and a half for a pizza parlor.

Three and a half reasons why I WILL NOT give up on the Church.

download (2)There has been a giant spotlight on the “church” in recent days. It seems every time you turn around, you read a blog or news article about how the church is failing. Article after article posted with statistics on why the millennial generation is leaving the church in droves. (They are almost giddy over it) The liberal headlines of the day boast, “The church is dying.”

Hidden no more. Indiana RFRA, The dam is breached


While much of Indiana is too flat to appreciate the metaphor, having a dam breach is not something anyone wants to see. The result is destruction, and devastation everywhere down stream, as massive amounts of pent-up energy in the form of water suddenly are unleashed on an unsuspecting population. We’ve gotten quite used to the protections afforded us by the Constitution of the United States, and of Indiana, much like a dam, they have protected us quite well.


Pastors it’s time…Take off your robes.

Reverend Johann Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg throwing off his robes, by Stanley Massey Arthurs, circa 1920.

Reverend Johann Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg throwing off his robes, by Stanley Massey Arthurs, circa 1920. Credit: Courtesy of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, Photography by Sara Mummert

It was Sunday morning early in the year 1776. In the church where Pastor Muhlenberg preached, it was a regular service for his congregation but a quite different affair for Muhlenberg himself. Muhlenberg’s text for the day was Ecclesiastics 3 where it explains, “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck what is planted….”1

Coming to the end of his sermon, Peter Muhlenberg turned to his congregation and said, “In the language of the holy writ, there was a time for all things, a time to preach and a time to pray, but those times have passed away.”2 As those assembled looked on, Pastor Muhlenberg declared, “There is a time to fight, and that time has now come!”3 Muhlenberg then proceeded to remove his robes revealing, to the shock of his congregation, a military uniform.

Marching to the back of the church he declared, “Who among you is with me?”2 On that day 300 men from his church stood up and joined Peter Muhlenberg. They eventually became the 8th Virginia Brigade fighting for liberty.

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Holy Lattè Lazarus!

America has enjoyed a time in history unlike any other. A time of Grace. We’ve enjoyed peace, protection, and the ability to worship when, where, how, and if we choose to worship at all. We’ve not experienced too many negative consequences living out our faith in the public square.
In fact, I think it’s fair to say,  if you called yourself a Christian, you were probably celebrated!

Rev. Graham… Please start in Indiana! #SOS

Reverend Graham,

Today I read your post on Facebook. You state that America’s problems will not be fixed by Democrats, or Republicans. You are right. We’ve become a corrupt people who have elected men and women who have taken this country down a path of destruction. The problem is US. America is in deep weeds, and I believe we have a tiny window of opportunity to wake up. If we don’t, I fear for my country.

1  Franklin Graham   America is in trouble. At 62 years of age  I’ve...

When thrown into the furnace, just cry UNCLE!!!

How many of you have a legislator “assured” you on the campaign trail (as you were writing your check to him/her)  “I will fight for what is right! I am pro life, pro family and pro freedom! (cue Star Spangled Banner music)  I believe we have the right to religious freedom… send me to the statehouse and I will fight for you!” They kiss a couple babies,  you all sing kumbaya and elect them.