Jindal COURAGE in spite of GOP cowardice.

It's time to unite for #courage.

790_4516457Like a kitten that has just lapped up a giant bowl of warm milk, our nation is living fat and sassy in a politically correct drunken stupor. It is almost laughable at the things we become “offended” over. We went from living life boldly and courageously to living hunkered over, afraid to speak and looking for the boogie man around the corner who might call us hateful or stupid.

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Two Communist Revolutions and the American Church

What is your faith worth to you?

thI listened to a POWERFUL sermon today. It was one of those sermons that will take about a week to unpack and completely absorb its entire meaning. I’m going to post the entire sermon below, but I also wanted to post my sermon notes; my interpretation and and the end, my take away.

Francis Chan gave a powerful warning to the church as he told the story of two Communist Revolutions. One was in China, and one was  in Russia. Both had a single goal, and that was to kill the church.

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Social Conservatives vs.GOP.

The "Hands OFF" Strategy.

shoe values votersLast night I attended our county Lincoln Day dinner.  It was great to see familiar faces and reconnect with folks I hadn’t seen for a while. Our chairman did a great job and worked hard planning and preparing for the evening.

The Lt. Governor was the keynote speaker and gave a less than enthusiastic update on the legislative session. You could tell she was a bit uncomfortable and almost apologetic as she spoke about RFRA. She said it was a good bill, unfairly treated, but because of it, we will now have to recover and clean up our “Indiana reputation” from the bad marks left on our state for it.

The bulk of her speech was about how we needed to expand the tent and make our party more “diverse” while reaching out to minorities and women. She also spoke about the necessity for us to work hard for the GOP so they can continue spreading their message and elect Republicans. For me, it was a typical non-memorable political speech.

Yawn… move on to the next.

After she sat down, the circus began with an all inclusive fireworks display.

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Let us be sure that those who come after will say of us in our time, that in our time we did everything that could be done. We finished the race, we kept them free, we kept the faith.  –Ronald Reagan

A country in desperate need of God’s mercy.

National Day of Prayer 5-7-2015

empty-handsHoly Father,

You have blessed this nation for over 230 years. You have been gracious to us.  As we have proclaimed your name as a nation, you have bestowed blessing upon us.

We are grateful.

Oh but Father, our country needs you in this moment in time.

We stand in need of your touch, and desperate for  your mercy.

As a nation we have sinned. We have turned our face away from you. We have grown silent in proclaiming truth to our congregations and our leaders. Truth has become unpopular. We have run from it.

In our silence and busyness we have become desensitized to what hurts your heart. We have allowed our country and its leaders to turn its policy and way of governing away from you. We’ve turned from you. Father, forgive us for our silence. Forgive us for our apathy. Forgive us for not speaking out as we watch millions of unborn babies die at the hands of abortionists every year. Forgive us of our silence.

Forgive us for being more concerned about being politically correct than being morally right.

We have allowed sexual perversion to sweep a nation and become something normal and celebrated. We’ve sat in silence as these lifestyles have taken over our homes and our children’s minds. We have let culture shape our kids instead of your Word….all  because we are too embarrassed to speak out.

Jesus, in your word, you have commanded us to pray for our leaders. I admit my failure. I admit my busyness has replaced my intercession. We are so sorry we’ve not prayed for the men and women who you put in authority over us. I pray that you would convict our hearts that we might remember to bring these men and women to your throne each and every day.

Father we bring our leaders to you today. I pray for President Obama, and Vice President Biden, all of the cabinet members… for the Supreme Court Chief Justices that they might have wisdom as they make decisions each and every day. I pray for godly counsel and wisdom to surround them, that they might do what is right in your sight.

I pray for the marriage battle that they are debating right now. Oh father, give them courage. Give them wisdom. Protect them. I pray that you would protect the institution YOU designed from the beginning of time. I pray that NO law, no court, or no man can override your design.

Father, I thank you for the plan You gave to our forefathers by which to govern our nation, and for the division of powers, so that our destiny does not rest in the hands of one person.  It was a plan that I believe you inspired.
th (4)I pray for those in authority, I lift up our Congress and Senate to You. I pray that by Your Holy Power, our legislative bodies would make laws that are just.

Father, I ask you to give them wisdom. I pray for For Senator Coats, Senator Donnelly, Congressman Stutzman and Congresswoman Walorski that they would make decisions that would strengthen and prosper our nation, not only financially but morally. I pray that they would have the courage to stand even when it is not popular. Even if they have stand alone. Father, protect them.  Protect their families. Pour out your wisdom over them. Give them courage.

I pray for our state and local leaders as they make decisions for the state of Indiana.  I pray for Governor Pence that you he would lead as you have called him to do. I pray that you equip him with courage and wisdom. I pray that as he makes decisions each day, you would give him the courage to stand, even when fiery darts are flying his way. Walk with him Father.

Locally, I pray for Representative Dave Wolkins, Representative Nisly, Representative Friend, For Senator Mishler, Senator Banks and Senator Head.  Father, give them strength to do the right thing. Help them hold fast to their principles.

And Father for our local county and city officials. From  Mayor Thallemer…to Sheriff Rovenstine… to our city council, Jesus, give them wisdom to govern our city and our county. I thank you for these men and women who are willing to put their own lives aside and serve the community.

And father, once again, I ask you to do what it takes to wake us up.  I pray that you would take the shackles off our pastors.  I pray that the silent pulpits would suddenly come alive with life and truth.

Father, prepare your people for what is ahead. Prepare them to walk through the fire. Give us boldness and courage. Help us have the courage to stand up and say, “we will not be silent, we will pray for our leaders and those in authority, and we will take our place as watchmen on the wall, until you return.”

Father, would you send just one more revival to this nation? We don’t deserve it, but would you awaken your church? Would you call us to the front line just once more?

In Jesus name,


Indiana GOP, It’s decision time. Vote with the people who put you in office, or find a new job.

Snap11The following links contain the speech given by Dr. Ron Johnson, executive director of the Indiana Pastors Alliance, at the April 27th press conference. That day nearly 30 pastors gathered with over 200 Hoosiers to deliver a strong message of censure to the Indiana Legislature for their betrayal of Hoosiers of faith. I will continue to add links from the other speakers as they are uploaded. Below the links I will include a copy of the censure letter sent by the Indiana Pastors Alliance.

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Glenn predicts 50% of churches will disappear if Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage.

How gay marriage could end churches.

Here’s my prediction: If gay marriage goes through the Supreme Court and gay marriage becomes fine and they can put teeth in it – so now they can go after the churches, like the president’s lawyer says – 50% of our churches will fall away. Meaning the congregations, within five years, 50% of the congregants will fall away from their church. Because they won’t be able to take the persecution,” Glenn said. “The stigma of going to church will be too much.”

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Pastors vs. Pundits… A call for Courage in Indiana!

10399430_10152775180392116_7776245705532770264_nYesterday was a powerful day for people of faith and freedom- loving patriots. It was a day pastors united, some for the very first time, to hold our lawmakers accountable for their cowardly cave on religious freedom.  Over 200 people came out to support nearly 30 pastors who had chosen to take a stand.

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Christian Couple Faces $135,000 Fine

Help persecuted Christian couple in Oregon fined for refusing to serve lesbians

Samaritan’s Purse is raising funds to help the Kleins pay their fine and meet other expenses. “They have taken a stand for the Word of God, and they should not have to stand alone,” Samaritan’s Purse President Franklin Graham said. “I believe that Christians across our nation will rally around Aaron and Melissa and their five children.

Source: Christian Couple Faces $135,000 Fine

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State Says Bakers Should Pay $135,000 for Refusing to Bake Cake for Same-Sex Wedding

UPDATE: GoFundMe has joined the left and removed their fundraiser set up for the Kleins.(see reason below).  Franklin Graham has stepped up and you can now donate to the Klein’s at the bottom of the page here:     http://www.samaritanspurse.org/article/christian-couple-faces-135000-fine/


Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, are being fined $135,000 for refusing to make a cake for a same-sex wedding.

Source: State Says Bakers Should Pay $135,000 for Refusing to Bake Cake for Same-Sex Wedding

It’s surreal that something like this can happen in America… the land of the FREE. We are living in a new America where we are no longer able to live out our faith according to our conscience.

I don’t recognize my country anymore.

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